The Podject

A Podcast Pitching show where YOU choose what episodes become a Mini-Series

The only Podcast Pitching Show that combines story telling, business pitches and a dash of improve…

And then lets YOU vote on which ideas become a 16 Episode Mini-Series on the Network every season!

Should you listen and want to contribute your own design of a Podcast Cover or Intro Music for a specific idea pitched on the show, please email with the Subject Line “Podject Contribution” and include permission to use your content. Should your submission be picked for a winning podcast you will earn a Creator Percentage of the funds earned for that Specific Show.

Released Every: Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday

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The Podject Cover Contribution Info

If YOU want to make Cover Art for a Podcast that was Pitched... 
Here is all the info you will need! ( with examples )
  • You can design a Podcast Cover for any show that you want, and they will be archived with a link to Any/All versions created for everyone to see.
  • IF you designed a cover for a show that wins at the end of the season we will vote on which cover we think best suits the show (should we have more then one entry)
  • IF you have the Winning Cover you will receive a Portion of whatever the show makes during its Release until all 16 Episodes are complete.
  • IF you win then we will give you credit in Every Episode of the Pod (and if you would like, we will include links for people to reach you, or request commissions from you, ect)
  • Send All Entries to: with Podject Contribution as the Subject

    Design Rules for Cover Art

COVER-This-is-an-Cut-Off-Example-2-THE-PODJECT COVER-This-is-an-Example-Cut-Cover-THE-PODJECT

  • Your Design MUST contain the MasqMe Logo in it and be NO Smaller then 300 x 300
  • It MUST be no closer to an Edge or Corner then 16 pixels
  • You can be creative with the logo and use it:
    ( as someone’s belt buckle, on a sign, as a t-shirt decal, Part of a Shield, ect )
    [ But; it must be have at least 85% Visiblity as the logo ]



  • The Picture and Logo/Text MUST fit in the Hexagon Area

    – This is the RIGHT way to do it…


    – This is the WRONG way to do it…

  • Anything on the Outer layer of the Hexagon will be removed
    when inserted into The Podject Cover when the next season starts.

    – Like This: COVER_This-is-an-Example-3-Shows-THE-PODJECT

  • REMEMBER: Email with your Art
    and the Subject Line “Podject Contribuition”
    Or should you have any questions/comments/concerns feel free to email me as well

Episode Archive List coming soon…


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