POD: The Podject

Today is the Official Release of The Podject! It is our Networks very second show and now proud member. This is the only Podcast Pitching show that lets YOU decide what ideas work and what do not. And gives you a chance to vote at the end of every season! To find out more check... Continue Reading →

POD: The Masquerade 012

012 Launching The Podject This week Prophet takes over for Bumble while he is working on the newest soon to bee podcast. So while the bee is away the Prophet will say... to check out this episode as he Interviews the New Host of the Networks Second Official Podcast! Only he can ask the deep questions that... Continue Reading →

POD: The Masquerade 007

007: A Call to Action This week we proudly announce that our website is officially up and running. You can find it at MasqMe.Org, and we appreciate your patience. Plus Bumble sits down with Prophet for the very first interview at MasqMe, answering those tough questions... like what animal he would be, what movie would... Continue Reading →

POD: The Masquerade 006

006: Ebb & Flow This Time Bumble is challenged to push and pull while trying to keep his company running. I give some updates on future plans as well as some hints to new podcasts for the network. Click Here To Listen Theme Music: "Keeper of the Bees" by Kelly Latimore Background Music by: Kia... Continue Reading →

POD: The Name 005

005: The Name This is the episode where i go over possible names for the company as well break down 9 tips to help you create a name for your business or show as well as some preferred methods others suggest. How to create The Name: 1. Don't Rush the Process 2. Make it Easy... Continue Reading →

POD: The Masquerade 004

004: Building a Podcast Budget This episode has us building a podcast with a small budget. I will be walking though through the stages of launching a show using the basic steps of building a house. Along the process I will also explain where I spent my funds and what i opted out of. Covering... Continue Reading →

POD: The Masquerade 003

003: Friendly Advice This is the episode where i look to friends and co-workers for their views on launching the company while seeking tips and advice from them. Click Here To Listen Theme Music: "Keeper of the Bees" by Kelly Latimore Background Music by: Kia Engel

POD: The Masquerade 002

002: Inspiration This time I share who inspired me to bee myself, as well as dive into life's mask. Click Here To Listen Theme Music: "Keeper of the Bees" by Kelly Latimore Background Music by: Kia Engel

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