POD: The Masquerade 004

004: Building a Podcast Budget

This episode has us building a podcast with a small budget. I will be walking though through the stages of launching a show using the basic steps of building a house. Along the process I will also explain where I spent my funds and what i opted out of.

Covering the basic steps you will learn about the:
*Blueprints:  Establish the shows topic, niche, format and the “what” and “who”
*Rough Framing:  Figuring out the shows format, length and rating
*Plumbing/Electrical:  The equipment, both microphones and host.
*Insulation/Drywall:  Covers Scripting and having a studio
*Interior Finishes/Trim:  The stage in which we edit, find music and a media host.
*Exterior:  Covering cover art and a website

Plus our first Reader Mail!

Click Here To Listen

Theme Music: “Keeper of the Bees” by Kelly Latimore
Background Music by: Kia Engel

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